Everyone knows that the internet isn’t a safe place for families. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got a lot of cool stuff, just not always appropriate for everyone.

My dad loves sharing awesome things he finds online with our family (which includes my 5 year-old sis).

There’s content upvoted on sites like Reddit (also known as “the front page of the internet”), racking up views on YouTube, getting spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. And while some great videos, pictures, and such are posted, there’s also a ton of really inappropriate stuff.

To show us all the cool and safe stuff, we had to close our eyes as our dad jumped from one item site to another and safely pulled up the image, site, or video.

There had to be a better, safer way. We searched around for sites that hosted the most family-friendly content the internet was currently buzzing about, but we couldn’t find it.

That’s when we came up with The Omnichronicle.

There’s a lot the internet is upvoting, liking, and sharing right now. This is just the good stuff in one place.

Also follow up on Twitter @theomnichron

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